Saturday, April 2, 2011

[D20] B is for Bugbear Longsword

In the Ashford Valley, a Bugbear Longsword is a prized possession. Even though they are made by monsters, the swords are excellent - dealing 1d8+1 damage. Few owners, however, know the history of their particular blade.

Once upon a time, a primitive tribe of humans made a deal with the god Lamiel the Crafty. They would learn his craft of making in exchange for worship and servitude. Lamiel entrusted them with many secrets and over the years, the worship became less and the servitude became less as well. When they desired knowledge, Lamiel gave it willingly.

Unfortunately, the good times didn't last. The humans delved deeply in knowledge, too deep, past Lamiel's understanding or even morality. And they discovered a new "god," Azrael, a demon-prince. And Azrael taunted them and tempted them, well past their morality and their trickery. Soon they were snared and bit-by-bit, Lamiel's teachings fell on deaf ears and the tribe turned away from him. They became twisted and evil, losing all the fine and widespread knowledge and only retaining the sword-making skill that Lamiel gave them. Thereafter, other tribes of men called them Bugbears.

The only pure thing from Lamiel that remains in Bugbears is sword-making. And few histories that have this knowledge also note that it is said the god Lamiel the Crafty smiles on Bugbears, as he did their forefathers, but only when they craft the finest sword.

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  1. loving it!
    we all need little zombies in our lives, even if they bite... a little.
    jeremy [iZombie]


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