Monday, April 25, 2011

[D20] V is for Vanas

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Vanas is old common for lust and desire. It can mean that for physical lust but also for lust for power or money. Many are the adherents of the Vanas of power and money in the Ashford Valley.

But Vanas is also slang for prostitution. While streetwalkers are not common in the Ashford Valley (most people can usually find a willing partner to couple without spending the cash), there are several reputable houses in the towns.

Clifton, in particular, has the valley-famous Vana Felix house (aka the Lucky). Because they are so close to the lowlands, the Vana Felix is very cosmopolitan and open, compared to the rest of the valley.

Sooton has a hidden house, rarely spoken of and few really know it's true name. Many things, both sensual and criminal, are said to be allowed there but it could easily be a story.

Ashford has a quiet house, the House of the Dawn. Just off a small, sleepy alley, it has an unassuming front and keeps a low profile. While the local constabulary doesn't give it trouble, the house tries to keep below the eye of Sir Raphel, the lord of the Ashford Valley.

Tradetown has two rival houses, the Vana Libertina and the Vana Verticordia. Like many things about their town, they are constantly competing and fighting with each other. Sir Hoel, however, has firmly informed them that any violence would lead to expensive fines, so the actual physical confrontations are limited to screaming, throwing flower pots and pulling hair.

While there is little societal or sectarian pressure against Vanas, most people keep in mind the old adage: Mind your own business.

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