Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[D20] X is for Xalendar

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The calendar (xalendar in common) for the Ashford Valley matches the lowland Realms pretty well. A few of the names may be different in some parts of the lowlands, but for the most part, the months and year are the same.

The year is divided into four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The three Winter months are Nightal, Deepwinter and Latewinter (corresponding to December through February). The season of Spring starts with Storms, goes through Vernal and ends with Planting (March through May). The Summer months are Flowers, Summertide and Highsun (June through August) and finally, the Autumn is Leafall, Autumnal and Firstwinter (September through November).

Each month has 30 days, broken into five 6-day weeks, and the year officially starts with Spring (the 15th day of Storms) and ends in Winter (the 27th of Latewinter). The three weeks between these two dates is known as Angwish's Feast, an opportunity for celebration of the coming new year and reflection on the past year. This feasting time is not included in the normal ten holy days that each of the gods venerates (as ten is a holy number in the Valley).

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