Sunday, April 17, 2011

[D20] O is for Old Manuscripts

File:Girart de Roussillon (full page).jpg
In the Ashford Valley, there are many illuminated manuscripts and holy books to each of the gods, and each of the manuscripts is typical of most holy books - they tell the same story different ways or tell completely different stories that mix elements from the all sorts of stories together.

One such holy book of St. Nobian is the Book of Erimoor. This holy book holds the rare epistle, supposedly written by St. Nobian himself and was amended by the the monks of the lost abbey of Erimoor. While part of the epistle is known, the majority of the holy works and the amended story hasn't been heard in the Ashford Valley for over 200 years. By popular legend, it contains the location of the bones of the saint, hidden somewhere in the Deep Forest, in the ruins of the lost abbey of Erimoor.

What do you suppose would happen if the Book of Erimoor showed up sometime? There are many people, both good and bad, in the valley who'd want that information. What are a saint's bones worth on the open market?

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  1. Good choice for your "O" post. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.


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