Friday, April 22, 2011

[D20] S is for Sooton Stout

File:Stoneware beer mugs.jpg
Sooton Stout is a magical beverage rare (but popular) in the Ashford Valley. Who makes this stout beer or where they make it is unknown but often it can be found, for the right price, in Sooton.

This dark beer provides the imbiber with excellent health and cures all diseases, magical or otherwise. As a side effect, the roughly 10% alcohol by content is an added bonus. The taste has been described as "better than the best beer you've had" or "even better than that."

The price of a bottle varies but usually is close to what a potion of Cure Disease would run. The merest rumor of the brewery that makes it (or even a case of the stuff) would cause many disreputable characters to come running.

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  1. I'd definitely spend my hard-won gold on this!


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