Friday, April 1, 2011

[D20] A is for A to Z Blogging Challenge

This month, I'll be doing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.  And I'll be continuing my D20 notes for my Ashford Valley setting from last December. I know it's kinda a cheat taking the A to be today, but that's the way I roll. Tune in tomorrow.


  1. All dnd like gaming are weird, leave it and toss it to the trash can.

    From my point of view the whole D20 gaming are completely unnecessary. Because there are lot of games (for example odnd) and you don't have to publish n+1 version. Why don't you redesign the original dnd? Why fun playing with these clones?

  2. Thanks for the comment and I hope I gain more Hungarian gamers/readers!

    In addition to D20 games, I also have a whole slew of games based on Savage Worlds (definitely not a D20 game) and I collect and play other games, like GURPS, and some "indie" games, like Sorcerer.

    Most of my stuff can be used sans system (at least I try to write it that way), so if you use something I've written up, I'd love to know about how it worked for you.


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