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[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 7, Part 2

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Session Seven: Part 2: "Life Will Go On" (June 6, 2104)

Important People: James (S), Bill (X), Bob (E), Alexis (C)

Important NPCs: Robbie the PolRob, Nasdaq the Robot, Miles Dayton, Rich Johnson, Amanda Hayes, John Ritter, Captain Adele Droblas, RAA Captain and SUR Commander, Lt. Mike Garrison, Uni Militia, Corporal Jones, and various other Uni Survivors.

After this big push to get supplies, the Groups are given free reign again to search on their own. With Group A going off to Electrical Engineering, Group B decides to tackle the Biochemistry & Microbiology Building.

Arming and securing supplies, James, Bill, Bob, Alexi, and the robots drive to Biochemistry in full bio-hazard gear and check out the building. Before entering, Bob insists on checking out the roof for the air system. If the air system is compromised, then the whole building may be contaminated with unknown diseases.

Climbing to the roof, the Group encounters two "Caretaker" robots, which they had seen at a distance. These monster robots challenge the Group and when Bob flashes his Gold/1 Military Key Card, they stand down and continue their surveillence.

Bob determines that the air system is ok from this end and figures that any bio-labs would be in underground bunkers. The Group enters the building and checks out the lobby map, looking for Dr. William Smithson. They find his office and explore it, but find nothing of interest, even his computer is just for paperwork. Any work that he did of a sensitive nature is probably on his lab computer. They figure out that there are five separate elevators to the bunkers below, and enter the central elevator.

The door opens and a group of SecRobs challenges them, calling for proper identification as well as the appropriate military key code or they will open fire. The Group closes the elevator door and retreats to the surface. This is the first time that a SecRob has asked for a specific military key code. Alexis asks Nasdaq if he knows the key code. Nasdaq explains that each building has separate control over their own SecRobs, that's what the program she is installing on each computer system is doing - linking the building computers to the UDC. But there are also robots that have been given security codes from their old (and long dead) human supervisors, security codes that are (probably) no records of, especially in the chaotic last days of the Ruin.

Abandoning the central elevator for the time being, the Group tries another elevator and enters a bunker level. They proceed to search the bunker level, and find several occupation rooms, some for military personnel, but most for science personnel. They manage to enter a vault foyer that has three vaults. They find nothing in the first vault. In the second are several refrigerators that contain a serum that could halt aging for a short time (5 years) with about 6-8 applications. In the final vault, there are two SecRobs, who ask them for valid identification and the appropriate security key code. The Group retreats again, not able to give the key code.

Puzzling over what to do about these SecRobs, they look at their clue again (Bob's note "Dr. W. J. Smithson, Plague Research, Breakthru?, Biochemistry, 3 PolRobs") and Alexis breaks into the building computer system.

End of Session Seven.

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