Saturday, June 5, 2010

[Monsters] XZ-31

Infiltrator XZ-31, early model Terminator

The Infiltrator XZ-31 was one of the early model Terminators designed to infiltrate and subvert a human stronghold. The outer human skin, actually grown from vats, and the inner skeleton and drive train was the top of the line.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to make the Infiltrator "more human" a slave human brain was incorporated into the system. The interface between the brain and the onboard computer was faulty, resulting in a lowered intelligence factor. The machine proved to be able to physically infiltrate quite well into human communities, but the social interaction program was very limited, leading to most of them being discovered by wrong answers to the simplest questions that most humans knew.

This "common knowledge" gap, as well as an electrical grounding issue that made them particularly susceptible to electrical damage, lead to the introduction of the Infiltrator YA series within two system cycles which became the model standard ever after. Several dozen decommissioned XZ-31 models were lost during a raid 15 system cycles ago by a human resistance group and their current whereabouts and activities are unknown. Many are believed to have been successfully re-programmed and operating in the field.

Using the Savage Worlds Slipstream Alien Race Generator:

Infiltrator XZ-31: Net: +2


  • Limited intelligence: Smarts restriction: -3
  • Electrical Susceptability: -2
  • Wanted/Secret (Major): -2
  • Clueless (Major): -2
  • Heartless: -1
Hindrances Total: -10


  • Construct: +3
  • Machine Healing: +2
  • Psionic Immunity: +4
  • Level-Headed: +2
  • Technosavvy (Repair d6): +1
Edges Total: +12

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