Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[Brick & Mortar] Games Plus

Games Plus
Address: 12637 NE Woodinville Dr, Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone: (425) 525-9394

RPGs: good selection
Indie RPGs: limited
Used RPGs: extensive
Miniatures: good selection
Boardgames: good selection
Gaming space: good (3-5 tables)
Comics: average selection

Family Friendly: yes
Knowledgeable Staff: some

Overall Rating: average

Games Plus is one of two game shops in Woodinville, the other being Ernie's Games. The best thing going for it is all the out-of-print gaming supplies and comics. While it doesn't compare to Gary's Games in Greenwood for used items nor does it even approach The Dreaming for comics content, I've found some good items there that have defied explanation - "How the hell did this get here?!?"

I found out recently that Games Plus is moving to Lake Stevens, some 20 miles away, at the end of June. That means I probably won't go visiting very often nor will I buy my comics there anymore. It will just be too far away for a regular visitation. Whether Games Plus will remain in business, especially when moving away from a stable location to an unknown area, in the long term, will be interesting to note. It may just disappear, like so many other game shops over the years.

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