Thursday, June 3, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: Treaty Hospital

Treaty Hospital ("Doc")

Location: D.C. General Hospital, Washington, D.C. Located between 19th Street SE and the Anacostia River, from Independence Avenue SE to G Street SE.

Population: 200
Military Strength: -0-
Military Resources: -0-

Treaties: Spook Hill, UFP, FAA, Naval Observatory, The Monastery, Arlington Hall, The Pentagon, The Dead Kennedys, Anacostia Yacht Club, Mennonites.

Enemies: The Skinheads, The WPRC

Resources: The largest medical center in the city. Practically any pre-Ruin procedure is available, for a price.

Trade: Mainly medical procedures, supplies and equipment.

General Reaction: +5 (+10 if you can pay the doctors' fees).

Background: In the midst of the Ruin, D.C. General opened it's doors to the wounded and dying masses. Early on, most of the survivors realized the value of a medical community and have been protecting the Treaty Hospital ever since.

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