Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[The Lost Patrol] Cross-Planes Escapade

Something I've been kicking around in my head for a while: A cross-planes escapade campaign, mixing Savage Worlds and Planescape.

I've made up 3 PCs, all the same person - one is a past version, one is a present version and the last is a future version. Since they all look alike and have a variety of different talents, but remember common things about their history, they don't know who came first. All their memories are grey after a certain point. And they don't know why or WHO have put them in this situation.

I figure the game would be a romp across the Planes, with the PCs trying to find out who did this to them and how they got this way, stumbling through like a blind man running through a maze, hitting (or being hit by) the "walls" they encounter.

"Past, Present, Future. Oy vey!"
"I'm no Berk, Berk!"
"Who are you calling a Berk? I'm you and you're me!"

Past, Present and Future

Agility d8 Spirit d6 Smarts d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6
Pace 6 Parry 6 Toughness 5 Charisma -0-

Edges: Arcane Background: Magic (free), (2 other edges by player choice).

Hindrances: Enemy, Loyal, Quirk.

Skills: Shooting d6, Fighting d8, Spellcasting d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d4, Linguistics d4, Notice d6, Lockpicking d4.

Power Points: 15
Powers: (individualized by player)

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