Monday, June 7, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] Magic Weapons, Part 2

Part 2 of an article I wrote this for last year's Lincoln Middle School D&D Club newsletter by Christian Walker. This article continues the magic item by parts for other weapons.

Axes, Maces and Spears - Oh, My: The Next Set of Weapons

Last time, I wrote about parting out magic swords to allow characters to keep using their old weapons and developing their weapons throughout the game. But I left out axes, spears, and more. So here are the rules for those weapons as well.

An axe, warhammer, spear, morning star, mace or polearm have nearly the same parts: they all have a haft/handle or shaft, a grip and a head. Assuming that a tassel can be added as well as an end cap or spike on the handle, most of these weapons have 5 slots, same as swords.

Some examples include: an axe, hammer or mace has an end cap or spike, haft, grip, tassel and head. A morning star has a haft, grip, chains and two heads. A spear or other pole arm has the end cap or spike, shaft, grip, tassel and head.

Axe hafts can be used on other, similiar-sized weapons, like morning stars and maces, even picks. A spear shaft can be used on most polearms. Incorporating most parts into a weapon take the same amount of time as swords, about a half-hour with the appropriate tools. An enchanted head replica is incorporated into a current weapon in the same way as swords, with the sympathetic ritual.

I've changed up the various tables below to made more unique weapons.

Table I: Magic Weapon Modifier, Roll 1d6
1. +1
2. +1 vs. animal (GMs choice)
3. +1 vs. monster (GMs choice)
4. special attack (see Table III)
5. special effect (see Table IV)
6. cursed weapon (see Table V)

Table II: Magic Weapon Part, Roll 1d6
1. Head
2. Shaft/Haft
3. Grip
4. Tassel
5. End Cap/Spike
6. GMs Choice

Table III: Special Attack, Roll 1d6
1. +1 vs demons
2. +1 vs giants
3. +1 vs undead
4. +1 vs elementals
5. +1 vs sea creatures
6. +1 vs demi-human or human

Table IV: Special Effect, Roll 1d6
1. flaming weapon
2. stunning
3. ethereal
4. +0 weapon (it's magical but doesn't improve the attack)
5. level drain
6. cold weapon

Table V: Cursed Weapon, Roll 1d6
1. -1 weapon
2. berserker
3. cowardice (save vs. Fear or run away)
4. -2 weapon
5. delusion
6. reduces dexterity to 3

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