Sunday, April 11, 2010

[Savage Worlds] Dragon Hunters

They came to your land, took your family and village with their tooth and claw, burning and killing from the moment their wings touched your sky. You don't want their treasure, you want their death. They will come to fear you, oh yes. They and all their kind.

Last year, I presented a couple of games that I wanted to run for the Corvis Monkey Troupe. One of them was a Savage Worlds game of Dragon Hunters. The PCs would start as Legendary characters, out to hunt dragons. One of the influences in this was a vid-blog by John Wick called the Dirty Dungeon. Instead of a dungeon, it's a Dragon Lair.

We haven't played it yet but I hope to put it on the schedule. I did make up the PCs, so expect to see them in the next few weeks.

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