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[Characters] Arthur Wellington Frayn

I ran this character in the Serenity RPG game I was in recently. He was pretty fun to step around the 'Verse.

Arthur Wellington Frayn (Age: 33, Height: 5' 5")
Appearance: Slim and short, nerdish-looking, has a bland look about him, often wears t-shirt, jeans and boots, with orange monks' robes over (cut to allow access to weapons/gear) and a bandana.

Profession: Cook/Medic

Heroic Level: BDH

Agility d12 Initiative d12+d12
Strength d10 Burst of Strength d10+d10
Vitality d6 Endurance d6+d6
Alertness d12 Life 12
Intelligence d10 Resist 12
Willpower d6

Instinct: always have a gun ready, whether cooking or doing surgery.

Assets: Fightin' Type (M), Total Recall (M), Sawbones (m), Talented: Melee Weapons/Swords (m)

Complications: Deadly Enemy (m), Slow Learner: Piloting (m), Loyal (m), Things Don't Go Smooth (M), Credo: Soldiers are brothers, medical professional, no one turned away from the table (M)

Skills: Artistry d6 (Cooking d12, Forgery d8), Guns d6 (SMG d8), Linguist d4, Medical Expertise d10 (Surgery d12, Dentistry d12), Melee Weapons d6 (Swords d12), Perception d6 (Deduction d8, Tactics d12), Planetary Vehicles d2, Ranged Weapons d2, Unarmed Combat d6 (Kung Fu d10).

Armor: Ballistic Cloth Vest (1W/8W), Forehead Protector (4W)

Weapons: Natelev 30 SMG (Damage 6W, RoF 3, Mag 35, Rng 60 ft), NewTech Gilgamesh Shot-Rifle (Damage 10W, RoF 3, Mag 30, Rng 340 ft), Combat Sword (Damage 6W, Rng melee), Stunner (Damage 6S + special, RoF 1, Mag battery, Rng touch)

Arthur was born to a well-to-do family in the Core. His youth was spent as all the idle rich but Arthur had a dream of becoming a skilled surgeon. He went to the finest MedAcad on Osiris and while there became best friends with Zed Archemedies, a young noble. He also became romantically involved with Zed's sister, Tsunami.

By day, he was a talented medical student, working hard to learn to heal in surgery and dentistry. At night, however, the other medical students formed a dueling society, specializing in the sword. Though it was illegal, the school looked the other way. Soon, Arthur and Zed became the best blades in the MedAcad. During that time, he learned to cook and his dorm room became the hub of parties for his graduating class.

The day of graduation spelled the end of his normal life and his dreams of a future with Tsu. The Unification War started that day and so did his personal troubles. The Archemedies family did not appreciate that their daughter was involved with a commoner, even though he was a rich commoner (and expected to get richer in private practice). They had bigger plans for her. Zed's father forced him to challenge Arthur as a point of honor. Arthur refused to fight and Zed attacked him - but Tsu jumped in the way and fell to her brother's sword. That day his friend became his sworn enemy, believing that if Arthur had done the honorable thing and fought, Tsu would still be alive.

Blaming himself for Tsu's death, Arthur fled Osiris and joined the Alliance military, serving as a medic and surgeon, as well as a front line fighter, in several battles. He was one of the few surviving members of the 142nd Osiris Brigade, the most decorated Alliance battlegroup in the Battle for Serenity Valley. Twice decorated for placing himself in harms way to aid fallen soldiers on both sides of the conflict, he shot several attacking Browncoats while in the midst of a complicated battlefield surgery on one of their own.

During his stint in the military, he developed a strong belief that soldiers are brothers, while they may fight each other today, when the fighting is done, it is his responsibility, both as a doctor and as a soldier, to help them heal. He's gotten into trouble in fights with his willingness to save lives he's just threatened and visited violence upon. He also got the reputation of having the best chow in the company and willingly fed anyone who came to him hungry.

After the war, he returned home to find more trouble. Zed Archemedies had taken over his family and his former friend made trouble for the Frayns. Convinced that leaving was the best solution, Arthur jumped on the next transport out to the Rim. Zed ignored his family and followed. So far Arthur has managed to avoid any direct contact with his old friend but those days are rapidly coming to a close.

Arthur made his way as a dentist or a doctor or a cook, using each skill to the best of his abilities. He's also somewhat handy with a gun and can take care of his own with little difficulty. His code of honor has gotten him into trouble and he also has a bad time knowing when to leave a situation but his loyalty and steadfastedness hold him in good standing with his friends.

He joined up with the Ship X a few years ago and, much to his surprise, stayed. He jokingly considers himself the ship's cook first and medic second, but becomes serious when medical emergencies arise.

His cabin is filled with garden bunks and he spends many hours each day tending to his plants. Fresh vegetables and spices are very important to providing an excellent meal and he babies his plants to produce the best quality. He is often found in the kitchen, cooking something or experimenting with new recipes. He's got a cooking blog on the Cortex called Standard Fare, where he publishes delicious and simple recipes for people on the Rim using common and cheap foods, and it's gotten some rave reviews.

Arthur is a slim, short man, early thirties, with a bland look about him. He looks kinda nerdy and most people tend to think he's not much for a fight (and how wrong they are) or not very smart (which he's willing to let them). He's most comfortable in t-shirts, jeans and boots, with orange monk's robes over them. His robes are cut to allow easy access to weapons and equipment. Some take him for a weak Buddhist monk and don't guess he's usually packing heat.

While "on the job," he wears a ballistic vest/battle harness holding his Natelev 30 SMG with a half dozen magazines and his combat sword under the monk's robes, a colorful bandanna over his forehead protector and hard plastic wrist guards. If fighting seems to be expected, he brings along his doctors bag and the appropriate drug kit.

In the event it becomes necessary to bring out the "big guns," Arthur packs the NewTech "Gilgamesh" Shot-Rifle for extra stopping power.

3 Enemies:
Dr. Zed Archemedies: former friend, now sworn enemy. His sister died protecting Arthur and Zed plans on making him pay for that. He wants his former friend ruined first then dead. A slow slide to insanity would be a nice touch, then ruination, then death.

Sgt. Taggert: A Browncoat who holds Arthur responsible for taking out his squad during an attack in the Serenity Valley. Arthur was in the middle of surgery on another Browncoat when they attacked and he killed them all. He's an alcoholic and kicks dogs but otherwise a decent man.

Li Ho Fook: A small time gangster on Persephone, Arthur stopped him from taking some slaves off-planet.

3 Contacts:
Dr. Machias: An old mentor on Osiris, Machias believes that Arthur is wasting his time on the Rim amid the scum of humanity.

Lynn Bruce: Another cooking blogger on the Cortex, works as a prostitute on Santo.

Captain Bryce Lee Chen: Career Alliance officer, formerly of the 142nd Osiris Brigade and Arthur's ex-CO.

3 Friends:
Benhoffer Kingsley: Former Browncoat, now arms dealer. Arthur saved his life in the Serenity Valley and they've been good friends ever since. Often meet on Unification Day to celebrate just being alive.

Ned Kelly: Ex-Alliance soldier, formerly of the 142nd Osiris Brigade. Saved Arthur's life during the first harrowing days of the Battle for Serenity Valley and Arthur repaid him 12 days later. Operates on the fringes these days and has a pet cat named Peter (sometimes different cats, but all named Peter). Arthur calls them Peter I, II, III and so on.

Kim Zukolov: Ex-Blue Sun corporate spy and general bone-breaker, she runs a bar on Paquin and more than drinks are served there.

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