Thursday, April 1, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: The UFP

UFP ("Trekkers")

Location: Wheaton Regional Park, Wheaton, MD. Bounded by Randolf Road to the north and University Boulevard (State Route 193) Colesville Road-Columbia Pike (US Highway 29) to the south, between Georgia Aventue (SR 97) and New Hampshire Avenue (SR 650), incorporating Wheaton Regional Park, Sligo Creek Park and Northwest Branch Park.

Population: 2500
Military Strength: 800
Military Resources: Some seige equipment. Some small arms, mostly bows, crossbows, and hand weapons.

Treaties: Treaty Hospital, FFA

Enemies: Spook Hill, Skinheads

Resources: The most extensive library in D.C., as well as a wide array of technical skills.

Trade: Knowledge in the form of books (early after the Ruin, they raided the University of Maryland's library stacks and the Library of Congress, as well as multiple local bookstores and regional libraries) and technical expertise.

General Reaction: +10 (They try to follow the Prime Directive)

Background: The core of the UFP were present at a local science fiction convention when the Ruin cam and banded together with a common cause. Their population has grown, bringing more knowledges, plus farming and carpentry, into the community. Their main enemy is the Skinheads, a result of several successful slave raids by those Nazis, but the Spook Hill community is becoming a minor thorn in their side, too. Good people who try to help others whenever possible, they are rapidly being forced to become more proactive rather than reactive to outside threats.


  1. This is an interesting premise for a group of survivors. :)

  2. Thanks. I figured that having some klingons in the game would be fun.


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