Thursday, April 29, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: Cathedral Camarilla

Cathedral Camarilla ("The Vampires")

Location: Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. Located in the crypts below the National Cathedral, between Woodley Road NW and Garfield Street NW, and Wisconsin Avenue NW and 34th Street.

Population: 25
Military Strength: 25
Military Resources: Few small arms, mostly hand weapons, bows and crossbows.

Treaties: None.

Enemies: Everyone.

Resources: Themselves.

Trade: They do some trading, posing as gang members or a Free Company, in order to acquire cattle or slaves.

General Reaction: -25 (did you expect something different?)

Background: Vampirism is the result of radiation and bio-contamination and these are the only organized vampires in the city. Their continued survival in the face of overwhelming odds is a testament to their far reaching leader, known only as "The Old One" (actually, a former photocopy repairman named Blaine Smith).

Thier community remains hidden during the daytime and there is little fear of discovery as the area around the cathedral has an unhealthy reputation as a danger zone but the vampires are on constant watch. They keep a small larder of slaves or captured loners as well as some cattle in order to feed, but spend most of their time raiding for slaves under one guise or another during the long hours of the night.

They have recently started using the cathedral in new and depraved inhuman bloody sacrificial rites. Several other communities are starting to take notice, not realizing that there are vampires loose in the city, thinking one of the other, more violent and mad communities are responsible. The Agency would be very interested in capturing one of these mutants (if only to replicate this "new power" as a weapon).

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