Friday, April 16, 2010

[Resources] Kryptos

Kryptos is a sculpture/puzzle on the grounds of C.I.A. Headquarters in Langley, VA. It has four puzzles built into it, and three have been solved in the nearly 20 years since it was first dedicated.

One still needs to be solved. What could the secret be?

It would be a great addition to a modern game of spies and secret codes, mix in the supernatural and you're cooking with gas.


  1. Something to keep the eggheads thinking, eh?

    I'm surprised all four have not been solved considering the brainpower available.

  2. I guess it isn't solved because neither of us Paladins has seriously tried to work it out.

    But since I'm still busy with the unified field theory and you're working on the Riemann hypothesis, we won't get to it for a while.


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