Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[Savage Worlds] Gamma World, Session 2

Last Friday, I ran the second session of Gamma World for the Mutant Buddhas (that's what I've decided to call them).

Artie the Acrobat (played by BB), Sage the Healer (CB), Riff the Fighter and Briar the Thief (KW and BW), Mr. Lucky (CS), and Rose the Scholar (CR) continued their adventures in the Gamma World.

After looting the control room of everything useful, they tried out one of the more unusual doors in the corridor. It opened up readily with an ID card but they couldn't see into the darkness beyond. One after the other braved possible death by stepping through the portal but they found themselves in a small room with three doors, all without ID card slots.

Opening the doors, they were on a street in one of the ruined cities of the Deathlands. Tall buildings surrounded them, some still intact but others piles of rubble. After looking around, they heard the sound of metal striking metal.

Riff spotted a rag-covered figure pounding on a piece of metal with a pipe. Bang, bang, bang, bang. It kept going. The figure, who they assumed was a mutant, looked at them while he (she?) signaled it's fellows.

Soon, a group of six mutants had assembled and headed towards the PCs. At first, Artie tried to make peaceful contact but combat was soon joined. Rose took out the first mutant and Lucky killed a few from a group of three sneaking up on the group from behind, while Riff and Artie got into close combat. Soon the whole party was in full melee.

The mutants defeated, our heroes began to feel ill, with Rose and Artie succumbing to radiation poisoning from close exposure to the mutants. Sage used some of the supplies from the Ancients' medical pack to stabilize them but the party was still in danger - storm clouds threatened.

Mr. Lucky and Briar found a defensible position in a nearby building and the crew managed to get their injured friends to safety before acid rain fell. The rain burned the concrete around their safe lair and caused some consternation from the party.

In the room they found an ancient worship box that they all examined. Mr. Lucky proceeded to gift an Ancients' beverage to it by pouring it into the top holes.

The night passed uneventfully, with the exception that Artie and Rose developed mutations! Artie lost all his hair and grew lizardlike scales (that increased his general toughness), while Rose grew a second head (with a second brain). Both players added the Outsider (Mutant) hindrance to their character sheets.

The surprise at two new mutants in their midst was tempered by the return of the mutants and a gigantic robotic/lizard creature they were attracting to the area to kill the PCs. The gigantic creature destroyed the small building they used to enter the city, cutting them off from their home. How would they escape the mutants and their creature?

Rose, now known as Rose Red (head #1) and Snow White (head #2) figured that the robotic part could be controlled with the correct Ancient device and Briar used his considerable BS ability to foretell the future using the liquid flowing from the worship box.

The liquid went in orange and came out red, flowing out of the box and out of the building. Briar said it was a sign from the gods and that they should follow it. While Sage initially was distrustful of this pronouncement, she soon was onboard with the prophesy (after a GM bribe of 2 Bennies) and they followed the liquid out of the building where it mixed with another ancient pool, turning green and flowed into an abandoned tunnel, much like the one they started in.

The green liquid flowed down some stairs and pooled around a green 12-sided object, the same shape and size as their glowcubes. They examed the green object and I gave the players an opportunity to decide what it did if they made successful Knowledge: Ancient Devices skill rolls.

Rose, Artie, Lucky, Sage and Briar succeeded in learning things about the device. The players decided it could reproduce if it became fully charged (not quite there after it absorbed the power from one of their glowcubes), it could recharge by sunlight, it was sentient, and it had six powers (one of which was the ability to talk).

Armed with the greenglowcube, they determined that there were several nearby buildings that could help them with the gigantic robotic lizard problem and that's where the session ended.

The next session will prove to be interesting!

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