Thursday, April 8, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: FFA

FFA ("Damn Farmers")

Location: National Agricultural Research Center. Bounded by Sellman Road in the north and Adelphi Road and University Boulevard (State Route 193) in the south, between Interstate 95 and Riggs Road (SR 212) to Baltimore Avenue (US Highway 1). Includes Chestnut Hills, Knollwood, Cherry Hill Road Recreational Center, Knollwood, Paint Branch Golf Course and the University of Maryland Golf Course.

Population: 400 (plus approximately 500 "day laborers" not part of the community)
Military Strength: -0-
Military Resources: -0-

Treaties: Spook Hill, UFP, Naval Observatory, Arlington Hall, The Pentagon, The Dead Kennedys, Anacostia Yacht Club, The Monastery, The Weather Boys, Treaty Hospital

Enemies: Skinheads

Resources: The FFA occupy the old National Agricultural Research Center. They are the primary breadbasket for the whole city. Like the Treaty Hospital, they do not maintain troops of their own, and are protected by the combined elements of neighboring communities who recognize the FFA value to their own survival.

Trade: The FFA will trade only foodstuffs, in a variety of formats, from fresh out of the ground to canned to freeze-dried (they have the NARC packaging plant still in operation). They will accept most forms of barter, including electronics, books, medicine, but will not accept weapons or other arms (they consider themselves pacifists) but most of the treaty soldiers are willing to make trades for their communities.

General Reaction: +15

Background: The survivors are former Department of Agriculture employees as well as a number of organic farmers and Big Agriculture lobbyists from around D.C. who banded together in the early years after the Ruin. They have an appreciation for modern and organic farming methods and they use the best technologies to produce the most food. They are uniquely aware of their place in the stable structure of the District and have used their influence to prevent violence on more than one occasion, simply with the refusal to trade food to both sides of the conflict - forcing them into peace talks, with the FFA as the arbiters. They operate a food kitchen for the poor and starving of the metro area and many of these unfortunates ("day laborers") stay and work, for the chance of a meal.


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