Sunday, April 18, 2010

[Savage Worlds] Dragon Hunters: Vessayelm

The first Dragon Hunters is the Wizard, Vessayelm.

Vessayelm was born to a rich family from the capital city. His father was a member of the goldsmiths guild and used his wealth to enroll his son in the powerful magicians guild. Apprenticed to the great Teukden, he went on to defeat the Ogre of Grippen Wood and joined in the Dragon Hunters a few years ago. Together, they killed a young dragon at the loss of his friend and fellow wizard Cyawbel. He is still very emotional about the loss of his friend and feels a strong desire not to have that tragic event occur again.

Human Wizard, Novice + 80 XP = Legendary (16 advances)
Agility d6 Spirit d10 Smarts d12 Strength d6 Vigor d6
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 5, Charisma -0-

Hindrances: Enemy [M], Loyal [m], Quirk [m]
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic) (free), Wizard, New Power x4, Power Points x4, Scholar

Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Spellcaster d10, Notice d6, Knowledge (Arcana) d8+2, Knowledge (Dragons and Magical Beasts) d8+2, Guts d6, Boating d4, Healing d4, Persuasion d6

Power Points: 10 + 20 = 30
Powers (3 + 4 = 7): Bless, Bodyguard, Bolt, Confuse the Mind, Light, Obscure, Summon Elemental.

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