Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[EverFATE] Some on Everway

There are several excellent resources for Everway on the web, like the above Character Sheet on Scribd.

Besides the abandoned company website, Gaslight Press, successor to Rubicon Games, you can check out the Spherewalker Wiki.

There are two EverWiki's, but only one is the Everway EverWiki. (The other EverWiki is, unfortunately, all about Evernote, an excellent program, I grant you, one that I use myself, but not about Everway).

A fellow in Portland created an Everway Character Creation page. A fellow in Princeton created an Everway page. Another person in the UK has one, too. And yet another page from I don't know where.

Kat has an Everway page, and a rant on the magic system and spellcasting rules, with a link to a variant. Cave Felix has a character write-up. Someone even came up with a Star Wars Everway.

The Everwayan is an excellent blog on the game and Department V has some good articles on it.

And there are a few reviews: has some (1, 2, 3, 4)  and a few blogs (5, 6789, 10, 11). also has an Actual Play thread and another couple of websites have campaign logs (1213).

There's even an article on Character Creation for Everway by the game author Jonathan Tweet, written in 2007, and another he wrote in 2005 on his blog.

Finally, there's a website called Amberway, mixing Amber with Everway.

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