Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[EverFATE] Character Creation: Powers and Stunts

Last time, we talked about EverFATE Elements, which, in my opinion, were similar to FATE Accelerated Edition's Approaches.

This post, I'll cover Powers and Stunts.

Powers in Everway are extra bits of abilities that aren't covered by Elements or Magic. Powers have three possible facets to them: Is it Major? Can it have a Frequent use? And is it Versatile?

For example, Fast Healing would be considered Versatile, while being Unkillable would be Major and Frequent. Invulnerability would be all three.

Each facet costs 1 point, so Fast Healing would be 1 point, Unkillable is 2, and Invulnerable is 3 points.

Translating that to EverFATE is fairly simple: port it straight over and allow each Power to have a FATE Ladder adjective and value, with a 1 point power at Average (+1), a 2 point power Fair (+2) and a 3 point power Good (+3), for those situations that require a bonus value.

Everway also allows for a single 0-point Power, which cannot be Major, Frequent or Versitile. That's easy in EverFATE. Just take the single 0-point Power. Done.

But what about the FATE Accelerated Edition Stunts?

I don't think they should be left out, either. Since most Stunts give a +2 to a roll, then each Stunt would cost 2 points.

Next post, I'll go into magic....

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