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[EverFATE] Character Generation Outline

Character Generation Outline

Vision Stage:
  • Draw 5 Vision Cards and create a basic character idea from those cards.
Identity Stage:
  • Select a character name.
  • Create a Motive (High Concept) Aspect.
  • Either draw three Fortune Deck Cards to develop the Fault (Trouble) Aspect and Virtue and Fate Aspects, -or- free-form create Aspects for each of them.
  • Record Name and Aspects in the appropriate boxes on the character sheet.
Elements, Powers and Magic:
  • Divide 20 points among Elements, Powers and Magic.
  • Each is outlined below in separate stages.
  • Magic is tied to one Element (Earth, Air, Fire or Water).
  • Magic cannot exceed Epic (+7) and cannot exceed it's tied Element
Elements Stage:
  • Each of the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) starts at Poor (-1).
  • One (1) point raises an Element up the FATE Ladder one step.
  • Record the final FATE Adjective in the Element wedge.
Specialty Stage:
  • Select one free Specialty per Element.
  • Specialties add a +1 to the value of the Element for that particular Specialty.
  • Specialties include:
  1. Earth: thick skin, resisting magic, resisting persuasion
  2. Air: lying, occult lore, herb lore, oratory, singing
  3. Fire: archery, jumping, climbing, running, swordfighting
  4. Water: stealth, sensing ambush, diagnosing illness
  • Cross-specialties are also allowed (i.e. using a speciality from one Element with a different Element).
  • Record each of the Specialties with the final FATE Adjective and value in the appropriate Element wedge.
Powers and Stunts:
  • Stunts can be purchased per FATE Accelerated Edition for two (2) points.
  • Powers cost between one (1) and three (3) points, with one (1) point for each Major, Frequent or Versatile feature.
  • Each character gets one free 0-point Power that is neither Major, Frequent or Versatile.
  • Record the total Power points in the Powers hexagon of the character sheet.
  • Record Powers and Stunts in the Powers section of the character sheet.
  • Spend any remaining points on Magic, with the following rules:
  1. Magic is tied to one Element (Earth, Air, Fire or Water).
  2. Magic cannot exceed Epic (+7). 
  3. Magic cannot exceed it's tied Element.
  • Record the total Magic points in the Magic heptagon of the character sheet.
  • Record the final FATE Adjective and value in the Magic section of the character sheet.
Stress Tracks:
  • Calculate Physical and Mental Stress Tracks.
  • Physical is based on the Earth Element score.
  • Mental is based on the Water Element score.
Earth or Water scoreCorresponding Stress Track Size
Poor (-1) or Mediocre (+0)2
Average (+1) or Fair (+2)3
Good (+3) or Great (+4)4
Superb (+5)4 + extra mild consequence
Fantastic (+6)4 + extra mild & moderate consequence
Epic (+7)4 + extra mild, moderate & severe consequence

  • Consequences are limited to mild, moderate and severe.


  • Default is 3.
  • Trade 1 Refresh for 2 more points to spend on Elements, Powers, Magic or Stunts.
  • Minimum Refresh is 1.

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