Thursday, October 24, 2013

[EverFATE] Character Creation: Magic

So far, I've combined character creation for Everway and FATE Accelerated Edition, using Vision Cards to determine the basic character, defining Aspects, selecting from a pool of points for Elements and Specialties, and spending more of that point pool on Powers and Stunts.

The last part of an Everway character (and an EverFATE character) is Magic.

Magic in Everway is very powerful but limited by the Element the Magic is tied to, with two basic rules:

  • Magic cannot exceed 7, and
  • Magic cannot exceed it's tied Element.

According to Everway, having a Magic of 1 is Apprentice-level, 2 and 3 are Journeyman, 4 is a talented practitioner, while 5 and above are truly powerful mages, with 7 being Archmage category.

That's fairly easy to port into EverFATE, as the basic rules would still apply, in this case, Magic cannot exceed Epic (+7) and it's tied Element.

Additionally, the skill in Magic would follow each step of the FATE Ladder. An Apprentice Mage would have an Average (+1) skill, a talented practitioner would have a Great (+4) skill, and an Archmage would have an Epic (+7) skill.

Creating the various spells and etc. is available on many Everway websites, like this one, this one and this one.

Next, I'll provide stress tracks and consequences.

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