Monday, October 14, 2013

[EverFATE] The Road Slightly Travelled

Other people have thought of this before, mixing FATE and Everway.

I know I'm not being unique. But then, two great tastes going together has always been the way of things. Just remember that chocolate and peanut butter candy that's still the rage.

Mr. Float over at has a thread on EverFATE from 2010. No one responded.

Mr. Float's idea was simple:

  • Draw three cards from the Fortune Deck as Aspects for Destiny, Strength and Weakness.
  • Draw six Vision Cards and discard two. Come up with Aspects for the remaining four cards.
  • Spend 20 points on the four Elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water) and stunts for Powers and Magic. The Elements start at Poor (-1).
  • Health is based on Earth.
  • Composure is based on Water.
It's a good start.

Let's see where this goes.

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