Sunday, October 20, 2013

[EverFATE] Character Creation: Elements

Continuing with EverFATE character creation, the next three section are Elements, Powers and Magic.

In Everway, the player has 20 points to divide between them, and I see no reason to change that for EverFATE.

So in this post, I'll cover Elements and their attached Specialties.

Everway has four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The Earth Element is focused on health, might and endurance, with Specialties of resisting persuasion, resisting magic and thick skin.

The Air Element deals with intellect, thought and speech, with Specialties of herb lore, occult lore, lying, oratory and singing.

The Fire Element concerns action, strength, fighting and speed, with Specialties of archery, jumping, climbing, sword-fighting and running.

The Water Element applies to intuition, feeling and sensitivity, with Specialties of sensing ambush, stealth and diagnosing illness.

In many ways, each of these Elements behave similar to FATE Accelerated Edition Approaches.

While FAE has Approaches of Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick and Sneaky, it's easy to see that Everway combines each of these six into four Elements:
  • Forceful and Quick into Fire,
  • Clever and Flashy into Air,
  • Careful and Sneaky into Water, and
  • Forceful into Earth.
In Everway, each Element starts at 0, but I concur with Mr. Float and am going to start each Element in EverFATE at Poor (-1).

One point raising an Element up the FATE Ladder by one step.

Everway allows one Specialty for each Element, which would add a +1 to the value, so translating that to EverFATE is easy.

Like Everway, cross-specialties are allowed (i.e. using a Specialty from one Element with a different Element).

There is plenty of space in each of the Element wedges to record both the Element and the Specialty FATE adjectives and values.

Next, I'll go into Powers and Stunts...

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