Friday, October 18, 2013

[EverFATE] Character Creation: Aspects

I've read Mr. Float's character generation rules from that single EverFATE thread. And I've also looked over the Everway rules (as presented here).

Part of the ideas for this Everway and FATE hack is to be able to use the Everway character sheet, Fortune Deck and Vision Cards. So I'll be building the character generation process from them.

First, even before we get to the character sheet, Everway character generation uses Vision Cards to create a character concept. Five cards are drawn and the player uses them to get an idea of the character. Since the cards can be interpreted wildly from person to person, there is no change from Everway.

After creating a basic formulation from the Vision Cards, we go to the character sheets. The top section contains boxes for Name, Motive, Virtue, Fault and Fate, the first two of which are chosen by the player and the remainder are determined by Fortune Deck card draws.

Converting this to FATE Accelerated Edition, these work with Aspects. Motive matches well with High Concept, Fault matches with Trouble and the others, Virtue and Fate, are just additional Aspects.

Create the first Aspect, Motive, per the High Concept Aspect in FAE.

The choice to use the Fortune Deck is up to the player. Either draw three cards from the Fortune Deck and determine Aspects for Fault (Trouble), Virtue and Fate.

Alternatively, ignore the Fortune Deck and create Fault, Virtue and Fate Aspects free-form, like FAE.

I'll be going into Elements, Powers and Magic in the next couple of posts. With these three abilities, the player has 20 points to divide between them to define the character further. 

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