Friday, September 2, 2011

[osr Challenge] We're out of the gate!

I just wanted to point out some of the adventures that are currently out there:
We've also added Dreams of the Lich House (Beedo) and Dwarven Stronghold (Boric) as no. 22 and 23!

Expect my first posting later today!

There's still time to join up:


  1. Just adding the Blog Hop code to my template for future posts now. I'll have it added to the rest of the posts in the next few days.

    Yay, cross-links!

  2. I posted my first one today. Not rally very detailed, but hopefully inspirational.
    It's intended for AD&D or other fantasy game.

    There's a whole lot of adventure writing goin' on!

  3. PS: Not sure if I set up the blog hop right.

  4. This is almost too much fun. It's stunning how many adventures there are already.

  5. Nemo235: The blog hop looks good to me.

  6. I just got my second adventure up tonight. Already have ideas for the next two days to go.

  7. I've fallen behind on reading the posts but luckily I'm a little ahead on the writing - my weekend is filled with deck building and staining wood so hopefully I can catch up!


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