Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[osr Challenge] I'm behind on reading the posts

I've been spending the last week working on my deck - staining the wood, installing the decking and posts, re-building the stairs. It's quite the job, taking up all my holiday and a day off plus evenings.

So I've been remiss in reading all the posts on the osr Challenge: A September of Short Adventures and that we've got another two Challengers: Jagatai at Ramblings of a Great Khan and John on Google+ (posted kindly by the Secret GM). I hope to get caught up soon and comment on some of the adventures but there are already almost 100 posts out there (not even counting mine)!

Yikes! Better get cracking!


  1. This was a great idea. I'm trying not to read very many of the adventures until the end. I don't want to be influenced too much.
    I think I have noticed a trend in some of the titles though. A lot of them seem to be puns or a play on words. I can't wait to see a huge collection of great adventures as the end result.
    Right now I have some catching up to do. About two adventures.
    I'm working 12 hour days for awhile though, so don't mind me if I'm sleep-typing.

  2. There are just too few hours in the day to write the adventures and read 23 more, as much as we might want to. I'm seeing what I can now, but as Nemo235 suggests, we can always go back. I'd urge everyone to make an index page at some point to help find them all.

  3. I did a little reading up and did a survey of the first 12 participants. More to come. Cheers!


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