Monday, September 26, 2011

[osr Challenge] "I Survived" Image for You!

There are only a few days left of the osr Challenge: A September of Short Adventures so I came up with an award image to celebrate your completion of the Challenge.

Simply right-click here and post the image to your blog!

And congrats on finishing the Challenge!

The mustache-Dragon is satisfied ... for now.


  1. I pretty much crashed and burned after three adventure ideas. I started working twelve hour days and sleeping on the weekends.
    I feel kind of bad because I was really excited about this project and everyone else seems to have hung in there.
    Maybe I could knock out about twenty nano-adventures in the next few days. Like, two or three sentences each. :)

  2. Nemo,

    Don't feel bad - life is a constant struggle to do fun things while having to actually do responsible things.

    Everyone who joined the Challenge is awesome in my POV - even one short adventure is great!

    If this challenge inspires you to write more content in the form of short adventures for your blog, then my work is done!

  3. I'm just hoping to make it. I have 11 to write by Friday. I'm getting a bit leery of my chances.

  4. Thank you for hosting this OSR challenge. There have been some truly inspired entries. We're still trying to get caught-up reading them all!

  5. Been a great challenge. I still have one more to get written before the end of the month. I've seen a lot of great entries. My personal challenge for October will to be to read them all.

  6. I got halfway and then got sidetracked with Winter Is Coming. I've got the rest of the arc mapped out, so I'm planning on finishing up in October. And once that's done, =then= I'll feel better about grabbing the mustache dragon image.

  7. There really have been some fantastic contributions to this -- and even if a few of us didn't write the full 25 (myself included), there are still hundreds of adventure seeds to challenge adventurers, inspire GM's, and seed other adventure ideas. And for those bloggers who did write up 25 -- kudos to you. Each full collection has been fantastic to follow along with.

    Like several others have said, I'm also hoping to bang out the rest before the month is over -- although, as my "seeds" tend to be a bit longer than the format asked for, I may carry over through October -- especially if I want to avoid "information overload" and spam someone's RSS feed with 20 new posts over a couple of days.

    Congratulations to everyone who participated, and as Matt said -- whether you wrote one adventure or all 25, you're awesome.

    I look forward to reading all of the adventures!


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