Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Resources] Japanese Sword Museum

RPGs love katanas and RPG players even more so. So when I heard of the Japanese Sword Museum on the Godzilla Gaming Podcast (forget the episode, listen to them all, you won't regret it) and also this blog, I was immediately interested.

It is a small museum in Tokyo that one "blow through the museum in 5 minutes if you just take a casual glance at the contents." But I have found that the most interesting displays take a while to absorb.

So when I finally make it to Japan, I plan on visiting and taking a long, long while learning about nihonto. Real cool.


  1. I never went to that museum in Tokyo, but Matsumoto Castle, one of the three castles to survive WWII unbombed by the U.S., houses a really nice collection of swords, pole arms, guns, armor, and the like.

    I really recommend a trip up to Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, when you take your Japan trip.


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