Monday, August 1, 2011

[Characters] The Great Race

When I was a kid, The Great Race (1965), with Tony Curtis, Natalie WoodJack Lemmon and Peter Falk, was a favorite. A dashing daredevil, a plucky woman reporter, an evil mastermind and his trusty sidekick, in a car race from New York to Paris, mixed together in a series of car chases, barroom brawls, explosions, icebergs, prisons, swordfights, pie fights, and a mad-dash to the finish line  - what kid wouldn't love that?

I'm planning on writing up the characters from the films in a new Character series for the blog. Watch the movie and see what I'm going on about.


  1. I thought maybe you were talking about the Great Race of Yith.
    Didn't Hanna Barbara turn that movie into the Wacky Races?
    I've never seen the whole movie, but now I want to. It sounds like it has a little of everything.

  2. Haaaaaaaaa, that movie's aces. Push the button, Max!

  3. "He ran away with a chicken?!?!"


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