Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[osr Challenge] More and more are joining! Why don't you?

Wow! The Mustache Dragon's minions, the Cat Women of the Moon*, have used their psychic powers to gather a bunch more Challengers for the osr Challenge: A September of Short Adventures!

These Challengers are:
We are up to 15, with another possible Challenger, Simon over at ... and the sky full of dust (Simon, be sure to sign up with the Linky in the original Challenge post to be counted).

I've also got the Linky set up to run all the way through September for anyone who has to join late - so what are you waiting for?

* Please note, the Mustache Dragon's Cat Women of the Moon minions are not available for parties, gala shows or bank heists. Cat Women of the Moon are not family friendly and often resort to psychic attack when bored and hissing when cornered. Do not attempt to appease them with shiny baubles, squeak mouse toys or catnip. Please call 555-555-CATZ for more information on becoming a Cat Women of the Moon or if you are a foolish human male. The Mustache Dragon, Asshat Paladins and any associated blog-mooks cannot be held responsible for any and all relationship issues that develop with your significant other in response to being dragged off by one of the Cat Women of the Moon. Discounts on catsuits are not valid in WI, CA or ID. 

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