Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Characters] The Great Race: Hezekiah Sturdy

Hezekiah Sturdy is The Great Leslie's right hand man. Good with machines and with his fists, he's easily duped by Maggie DuBois and left behind in America but catches up to Leslie in Russia.

Hezekiah Sturdy (WC)
Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d12 Vigor d10
Pace 6 Parry 6 Toughness 8 Charisma -0-

Edges: Brawny, Two-fisted, Mr. Fix-it.

Hindrances: Enemy (Professor Fate, minor), Loyal (minor), Clueless (Major).

Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d6, Guts d8, Driving d8, Repair d10+2, Notice d4.

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