Sunday, August 28, 2011

[My Collection] Birthright

Birthright was a campaign setting published by TSR in 1995 for AD&D 2nd edition. It was one of their many, non-standard fantasy settings during the 90s that didn't seem to make good (compared to Greyhawk and  Forgotten Realms). It allowed the PCs to be up-and-coming scions of noble houses from the get-go, including rules for domains and the supernatural powers rules gained from them.

I never played it.

But I collect it. I've got most of the 25 books printed, only missing a few of the Player's Secrets and one or so of the Books of .... No worries, I'll find them all.

Wizards of the Coast released five Birthright products in 2005, part of a 10th anniversary celebration for Birthright. You can get the free downloads here.


  1. perhaps you used to be able to. I get 'file not found' errors when I try to download the links on that page.

  2. I love birthright so much. Also I managed to save all but the book, so if you need them click below:


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