Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[Resources] Magic Circle

Most fantasy games have instant spellcasting of fireballs, lightning bolts and mass destruction. Some have ritual spellcasting, taking hours or even days to cast. All of these ritual spells need a magic circle though sometimes the rules don't include that.

A magic circle either provides magical protection or creates a sacred space for the magic to occur. A combination of physical marks on the ground, which can include chalk marks, blood, candles, bones, ashes, bitumen, or holy oils, or spiritual or magical blessings in the space is required to trace the boundary.

Circles can be a wide variety of sizes, from personal to gigantic, containing dangers for those outside (like a tricky demon trapped within) or the same for those inside (like a field of ghosts waiting for instruction).

Think of what would happen if your players encountered a magic circle on the ground. How would they know if it was "active" or just some old marks? That could lead to an exciting adventure!

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