Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Vids] Odyssey 5

The world is destroyed. The only witnesses are the astronauts on the Space Shuttle Odyssey. These five survivors are near death when they encounter an alien who saves them, lets them know that he has visited over 50 worlds like theirs that has been destroyed, and gives them the opportunity to maybe change the future by going 5 years into the past.

With little choice, they accept. And find themselves in the past, in their past bodies, with all the problems and situations to repeat over, in addition to saving the world.

That's the start of the short-lived Canadian sci-fi series, Odyssey 5, that ran for 20 episodes in 2002. Peter Weller plays astronaut Chuck Taggart, a brash-and-aging pilot, Sebastian Roche plays scientist and slut Kurt Mendel. Christopher Gorham is Chuck's son, Neil, who starts as a 22 year old and is dropped back into a 17 year old body. TV reporter Sarah Forbes (played by Leslie Silva) finds herself having to deal with her son's cancer all over again (in the future, he had died). And astronaut Angela Perry is played by Tamara Thomas, a young woman with a politically connected father.

The episodes that I've watched so far (~6) are pretty good but they haven't yet hit their stride. I look forward to seeing how the characters develop more and seeing whether it will reach a good stopping point (due to cancellation) or if it's going to be an overall disappointment (loss of potential). We'll see.

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