Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[1938] Flame Fougasse

A Flame Fougasse is an anti-tank explosive mine that covers the target with flaming liquid. The advantage of this style of weapon was it was cheaply assembled as a trap to attack vehicles and men, as all that's needed is a barrel filled with a gas/oil mixture, some explosives and a hill or road bank (safety fougasse) or a spot on the side of the road (demigasse).

This weapon was developed in early 1938 by Royalist forces when it was used to great effect on the outskirts of Liverpool during a failed LFS push. Soon the secret of it leaked out and now all sides are using it in the Civil War.

Flame Fougasse (Savage Worlds)
Range: 25 (in large cone template)
Damage: 2d10 on the turn it explodes, the burning liquid sticks to the victim or vehicle, causing a fire check of 4-6 on a d6 with a successful Agility check to take half damage.
Note: A critical failure on setting up the weapon will cause a premature explosion.

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