Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Savage Worlds] The Winter War Campaign, Session 2: The Blizzard

The PCs found themselves in the ruins of a village called Brin. The surviving villagers (about 40, mostly old men, women and children, and young boys, with few adult men) threw themselves upon the mercy of the PCs and eventually the group found an old smugglers cave, in the cliffs above Lake Sri and below a ruined manor house. Winter was full upon them, with deep snow and howling winds - the shelter of the cave was welcome indeed.

After a few weeks in the cave, the community was thriving. One day, some villagers came to the PCs. The night before, a villager on guard duty went missing. This lead the PCs into the snow to search for him, where they chanced upon a caravan in dire straights. A ring of fire was around one of the tents, fueled by the survivors. The rest of the caravan camp was flash-frozen. Animals and people stood around, covered in ice.

When the brave PCs approached, the survivors screamed at them to flee. The iced-corpses attacked and during the battle, many feats of greatness were performed! When they questioned the survivors, they found out they were fleeing the city of Grath (the sister city of Gath, the one the PCs started in) after it had fallen to the Kings of the Iron Crown and their Necromancer allies. A freak storm had killed many in the caravan and then animated the corpses with a craving towards the living.

The PCs found the missing villager with the caravan survivors and he was catatonic from his ordeal. Packing up the frozen animal meat (them's good eatin'), the PCs returned to their shelter with the survivors in tow. What this means for the future, who stole the villager and what he experienced in the night and snow, who is to know? Only the Goddess Iridia protects them now.

Next time: meeting an "old friend."

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  1. I love the flash freezing! That's such a great idea. :)


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