Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Savage Worlds] The Winter War Campaign, Session 3: Ring of Fire

A week after the events of last session, the PCs are told by the villagers that the boat is ready to use. One night a few days later, their guards spot a light in the ruins of the manor above the group's hidden smugglers' cave.

Looking from one of the cave exits, they see flickering firelight and shadows. Fire in the night tends to attract the various unaligned (or "wild") undead. That could cause some problems for the PCs and the villagers under their care.

They approached the ruins from the two directions, one group sneaking up the hidden stairwell within the ruins and the other approaching from the cave exit. Joe walked boldly forward and encountered an old drinking buddy, Colin, armed with a longbow. Colin and Joe were in the bar together when Joe got pinched for brawling (Colin threw the first punch at Joe).

Several people noticed that Colin was well armed, some of which was arms from the City of Grath, which had fallen to the Kings of the Iron Crown a number of weeks ago.

After talking with Colin, they found out that he'd been given the same choice as them (brawling was the crime, just like Joe) and that he's wandered around with some people, including Joe's other friend Steve, who was supposed to meet Colin after being separated due to a problem with zombie dogs.

Colin and Steve had stumbled upon a weapons caravan from Grath and, since there were no survivors (he was kinda vague with why there were no survivors), they took the equipment and hid it - it is about a week and a half on foot from where they were now but closer (and faster) by boat.

The rest of the party didn't trust Colin much but were interested in the weapons and equipment from Grath, so they formed an uneasy alliance. Because of this lack of trust, the PCs met their boat at a beach, rather than let Colin know about their lair.

They sailed into the night, spotting several signal pyres along the shore. The signal pyres were guarded by bandits and they attacked and took each one, to prevent further encroachment by the Kings of the Iron Crown.

The session ended with the PCs booby-trapping several signal fires with explosive Boom Hawk eggs and flaming oil. That went well (though it could have been ... painful).

Next time: the weapons cache!

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  1. I love the guerilla tactics! Kill 'em all! In our campaign the heroes were called "The Butchers of Brin" a name given to them by the various sympathizers that the party hacked down if they found out they were funneling food and intel to the Kings of the Iron crown.


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