Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Resources] Barding, the Horse Kind

Horse barding is still used in this modern age, especially in bullfighting. A caparison (a cloth cover on a horse, once part of medieval barding) called a "peto" is used by Picadores, the two horsemen who stab the bull with spears to "improve" the bull's performance during the fight.

The peto is a thick quilted padding that protects the horse from the bull. Prior to using these, horses often were killed by the bull. With the armor, horses can still get injured - internal injuries and broken ribs.

Petos can be used in a modern or post-apocalyptic campaign fairly easily - protecting valuable horses in any combat situation, from spies chasing a bad guy into a bullfighting ring during a performance to a group of mounted fighters battling mutants in the atomic wasteland.

In terms of Savage Worlds, a peto is heavily-quilted armor (+1 to Toughness), weighs 35 lbs and costs $250.

For Microlite20 Modern, it provides +2 AC protection, weighs 35 lbs and costs $250.

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