Friday, May 13, 2011

[Resource] Corpse Road

A Corpse Road was a pathway to the cemetery, often an official processional that was used. Sometimes called bier roads, coffin roads, lych way or corpse way (among others), their physical presence created a body of folklore around them, all associated with death and the dead - spirits, ghosts and various other undead were 'tuned' to the road.

The lych way ended in the cemetery and often had the same status, a place where the dead pass. The rules that the spirit world went by included having a straight path for the dead, because curves or tangles (or even obstructions) confuse and stymie the dead (something that wasn't considered a good thing).

Few corpse roads still exist (or are known as such) but they would be an interesting bit in a game, adding more of a death ritual to games filled with the drama of conflict and the dead.

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