Monday, May 2, 2011

[Savage Worlds] The Winter War Campaign

I asked my buddy Christian if I could co-opt his old D20 Winter War campaign. So I rounded up a crew to play it out, made up some novice Savage Worlds characters and came up with a background write-up (which I'll provide in a following post).

I met the majority of these folks online and gathered them together at a local game shop. The PCs are:
  • Joe Redwing, a big warrior with a big sword (played by J).
  • Sir Aerik Blackmoor, an old nobleman (played by C).
  • McFee, a swordsman that wields two swords (played by D).
  • Nostro, a wizard (played by N).
  • Father Ashley, a priest of Iridia (played by J).
  • Edwin, a scout with a wild boar companion (played by M).
  • Keldon Blackwood, an axe-man (played by S).
  • Rick Hardrick, a mediocre swordsman (played by C).
I plan on writing up the sessions (each named after an appropriate Johnny Cash song) and posting them, as well as the characters involved, so keep checking back.


  1. Holy hell! I can't wait! I literally JUST got off the phone with one of the veterans of that campaign. We were talking about how one of the Knights of Iridia (played by Todd) brutally hacked down another PC, who tired to loot the body of a fallen knight. That campaign was so gritty and radical!


  2. I'm sure that the info I present will please. We're going into our 7th or so session this week!


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