Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Pencast] How to Make a Savage Worlds Character

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a little tech tool called a Pulse Smartpen (by Live Scribe). The Pulse holds 2GB of data and allows you to record audio and writing, as you are writing! The pen comes with a starter notebook filled with special paper, which they call Dot Paper (don't worry, the forums already have people creating their own Dot Paper to print in PDF format, so you don't have to buy any more notebooks if you don't want to).

Writing on the notebook with the Pulse, you can record and play back the info (because it's all time stamped with locations on the Dot Paper). You can also share your output in three formats: audio, PDF or what the company calls a Pencast, a combined audio/animation file.

And, you can share your Pencast with others! That is so cool!
So my very first Pencast is all about how to make a Savage Worlds Character.

I hope you enjoy, 'cause I plan on doing more.


  1. This was *very* cool. The visual and non-linear way you did this was a great way to reinforce the usual way that character generation has to be written out in a rulesbook. BTW, you created Joxer The Mighty from the TV show Xena :)

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    I like podcasts but I am concerned with the usual bloat that comes with them, so I avoided doing one of my own. However, a pencast is limited by a sheet of information you write, so it won't be more than 20 minutes - and I can tighten that up by having stuff prepared before recording so there is less pauses.

    I plan on doing more stuff, including dungeons and more! So keep watchin'.

  3. Very nifty tool indeed. Using the format to go through character creation is a great idea, too. As someone who got into the hobby without any mentors to show the way, a tool like this would have been invaluable. Looking forward to more!

  4. I totally dig that. Very cool and a technology that has such amazing applications.


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