Sunday, February 20, 2011

[1938] Personalities: Mayor Noah Claypole

Mayor Noah Claypole
Port St. Mary

Primary: Clubs 3 (Backed into a corner)
Secondary: Diamonds 10 (Makes Scrooge look good)

Noah Claypole was elected mayor in Port St. Mary 15 years ago and has held the post ever since. He's not a very good mayor, nor is he very forceful. He blows which ever way the wind blows, which made him an excellent mayor for the rich and powerful in the town. His greed, however, usually made those lapses of strong moral fiber all the better (or at least more profitable).

Over the past decade, he's amassed a nice fortune, mostly in cash bribes but other favors as well. When the BUF invaded his town, it collapsed his years of planning. Realizing that surrender was the only option (at the time), he's scrambled to regain his footing in swiftly shifting sand. The BUF have upset his apple cart and they've got guns! This isn't cricket, that's for sure. His usual smoozing and trading favor for favor don't work with them. And he's realized that he's treading a fine line between collaboration and open rebellion. His constituents are starting to turn away from his obsequious deference to the BUF, while the BUF treat him like a rebellious local.

He's aware of the underground movement in the town but has kept that secret for now. It may play to denounce the plotters to Major Thornsby when his fortunes hit rock bottom, but the cost would be too high. Maybe he can do it while still maintaining an appearance of resistance. Yes, he sweats, as the rock and the hard place move ever closer to each other. Which way will he turn?

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