Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[1938] Personalities: A Veritable Who's Who

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Part of what is necessary in a sandbox setting like my 1938: A Very British Civil War Isle of Man Campaign is an initial group of NPCs for the player characters to interact with or at the least know about.

So, like normal, I'm going to make up a few character sketches of allies, enemies and contacts for the players to love and hate and fight and scheme and save and destroy. In this setting, there are a lot of possibilities - British Union of Fascists (BUF) officers and men, villagers, Liverpool Free Staters, Manx officers and men, Lovat's Scouts, policemen, farmers, priests, merchants, scheming politicians, pub patrons, noblemen, spies on both sides, Scottish Republicans, and serving maids (can't forget those).

Most of the NPCs will just their background and motivations presented. And I'll be using the old 1st edition Twilight 2000 NPC motivations using a standard deck of playing cards. Basically, each suit is a different motivation: Clubs is Violence, Diamonds is Avarice, Hearts is Sociability and Spades is Ambition. The face cards are strongest aspects, from Ace to Jack, while the number cards range from "somewhat" to "very" for that motivation. You can see a shortened list on this Dragon Bean Press blogpost. For NPCs that I expect the PCs to fight, I'll present the whole Savage Worlds stat block.

As an aside, in order to have a bit of fun and consistancy with the NPCs, I plan on naming each and every one of them (with the exception of the BUF commander) from the written works of Charles Dickens. Wikipedia has a rather nice list of Dickensian character names and I rather like that very English feel the names will bring.

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