Friday, February 18, 2011

[1938] Order of Battle: Manx Forces

File:Officers and members of the 26th Battalion of the Second Canadian Expeditionary Force.jpg
Combined Manx Forces

Colonel Sir Leicester Dedlock

Command Company, 65 men
  • 2IC Captain Michael Kedgick

Manx Forces

Ramsey Company, 120 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Arthur Gride
  • The Cronk Irregulars, Lt. Arthur Duff
  • Regaby Militia, Lt.  John Brownlow
  • Churchtown and Sulby Volunteers, Lt. Neville Landless
  • Point of Ayre Militia, Lt. Francis Scrooge
1st Douglas Company, 273 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Luke Honeythunder
  • Onchan Irregulars, Lt. Alexander Manette
  • Douglas Police Unit, Lt. Clarence Bucket
  • 1st Union Mills Platoon, Lt. William Guppy
  • 2nd Union Mills Platoon, Lt. Frederick Hortense
2nd Douglas Company, 296 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Lawrence Boythorn
  • Baldwin and Glen Vine Militia, Lt. Abel Magwitch
  • Kirk Michael and Barregarrow Militia, Lt.
  • St. Marks Militia, Lt. Mark St. Evremonde
  • Newton Platoon, Lt. Timothy Omer
Castletown Company, 151 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Jacob Marley
  • Castletown Militia, Lt. Richard Payne
  • The Peel Boys, Lt. Phillip Pirrip
  • Port Erin Police Unit, Lt. Kit Nubbles
  • Calf of Man Local Defense Volunteers, Lt. Samuel Slumkey
  • Bellabeg Militia, Lt. Horatio Fizkin

Scottish Republican Army

Admiral James Douglas-Buccleah

Admiral James Douglas-Buccleah's Guard, 344 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Mitchel Flite
  • Lovat's Scouts, Lt. Newman Noggs
  • 1st Scots Guards, Lt. George A. George
  • Royal Scottish Naval Platoon, Lt. Paul Dombey
  • Glasgow University Volunteers, Lt. James Harthouse

Liverpool Free Staters

Lt. Colonel Arthur Havisham

3rd Liverpool Free State Peoples Army, 216 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Walter Gay
  • Forthlin Road Militia, Lt. Charlie Hexam
  • Lime Street Red Militia, Lt. Edwin Leeford
  • Church Ward Militia, Lt. Caddy Jellyby
  • Knotty Ash People's Volunteer Militia, Lt. Joseph Quinion

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