Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 5, Cut Scenes

Tuesday Night Gaming Sessions - GURPS Aftermath! Operation Morpheus Session 5 (November 4, 2003)

Session Five: "Camera One" (April 4 - 5, 2104)

The Computer System: In a darkened room, a large mainframe computer is working away. On many monitors around the room are images flashing too fast for the human eye. On one monitor is a view of the University defense perimeter. Robots are seen clearing the defense perimeter of useful weapons and equipment from the dead. Then robots clear the corpses from the defense perimeter, piling them within the University campus. Later, Giant Spiders come and take the dead bodies away.

The Loonies: Many weeks after the fight with the mysterious creatures, a group of Scouts arrives and investigates the attack. No survivors are found. The Scouts are profoundly disturbed - Who could have done this, who had the resources, men and material, to utterly wipe out the Loonies while still suffering extreme casualties? Who could have done this to such an extent, that all the Loonies are dead?

The Sign: Close up view of a small nuclear symbol on what seems to be a curved surface.

The Observatory Hill House: View of Observatory, located near the Domain Commune, under attack by bandits. While community members defend the House and grounds, the arrival of several tanks and support troops from the Domain Commune turn the tide against the bandits, ending in their defeat.

The Duchy of Sydney: A La Parouse patrol of Knights and men-at-arms, 15 all told, is slaughtered by the mysterious creatures as sun sets over Sydney. No survivors and again the creatures remove their own dead from the battlefield.

Two coffee table sized books, both titled: "The Last 25 Years of US History, 2003 edition" are side-by-side on a table. The books are identical except that each cover contains several different color photographs. A figure, only seen as gloved hands and police body armor, places the books into an box along with a thick manila envelope. Then the box is picked up and walked across the University campus and placed in Group B's Land Rover outside of the Carslaw Building.

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