Friday, February 25, 2011

[1938] Autogyro!

Autogyros are cool (and who doesn't like cool) for pulp style games like 1938! So here's the stats for our very own 1938: A Very British Civil War autogyro (using Clint Black's Savage Crimson Skies rules).

The Cierva C.30 Autogyro was developed by Cierva Autogiro Company from designer Juan de la Cierva. It was licensed to the Avro company (A V Roe & Co Ltd) in the UK in 1934.

Avro built 78 autogyros, 12 of them for the Royal Air Force (RAF). The RAF C.30s were designated Avro 671 Rota Mk1 (and were given serial numbers K4230 to K4239 and K4296 & K4775). The lot was delivered to the RAF at the Army School of Co-operation, Old Sarum, Salisbury by 1935.

About 37 non-military C.30s were registered in the UK during the late 1930s, while the rest of the aircraft built by Avro were sold abroad (many could return for the British Civil War).

Cierva C.30 Autogyro (3 points)
Crew: 2 (pilot, gunner)
Speed: 8 (Average, 2 points)
Toughness: 12 (2) (Poor)
Weaponry: Machinegun (Range: 15/30/60, Damage: 2d8, RoF: 3, Notes: AP2) (Poor)
Hard Points: 0 (Poor)

Glitches (1, -1 point):
  • Location Weakness (rotor tripod)- This aircraft has a weak point in a certain location that can have dire effects if hit in combat. The location requires a called shot at –2 to hit, but the GM adds +2 to the roll on the Critical Hit table if a wound is caused.
Upgrades (2, 2 points):
  • VTOL (gyrocopter) - stall speed is 0 (see Decreased Stall Speed).
  • Improved Engine- This aircraft’s engine is capable of performing in extreme conditions. It negates 2 points of Piloting penalties. This Tune Up can be taken twice for cumulative effects.

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