Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[Sorcerer] Character Sheets

Christopher Kubasik's Blog, Play Sorcerer, has an excellent PC sheet for Ron Edward's Sorcerer on his January 20th entry.

(Part of the reason I found Play Sorcerer in the first place was the effort searching for different character and demon sheets for the game).

I think the font and layout are very cool and I plan on using it in my game. If only he would post a demon sheet in the same font, I'd be happy!

(There was a rough apprentice version of the game on the website but it's gone now. Maybe you can find it elsewhere on the 'net).


  1. No Apprentice Version in plain sight on that site, and the link was a 404.

  2. Sorry about that. The link worked a week or so ago, but Ron updated his website and it went away. I'm sure if you are interested, he may be convinced to send it to you.


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